Medicare Advantage

older woman smilingMost likely the moment you turned 65 you started receiving advertisements about Medicare Advantage Plans. They are an option for you, but we do not recommend them to our clients. We’ll tell you why.

Medicare Advantage Plans are typically HMO plans that offer additional services but require you to stay within their service network or pay higher copays for going out of network. The sales pitches for Medicare Advantage Plans are strong, but we’ve found over the years that the benefits can be confusing and easy to misunderstand. For example, if your primary care physician or specialist that you have a long relationship with leaves the Plan, you can no longer see that doctor and be covered. And when you sign up for an Advantage Plan you are locked in for one year. For these reasons, we don’t feel like they are the best options for our clients.

But, if are still interested in a Medicare Advantage Plan, we hope that you will talk to someone who is as concerned about your coverage as we are. That’s why we are happy to refer you to a professional organization that specializes in Medicare Advantage Plans.

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